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Introducing GigsGigsCloud VPS, now it has been come with pre-installed script for Joomla and WordPress, as easy as 3 steps.

Just choose the VPS package your want, select the Operating System package with pre-installed script. Once the payment done,  your VPS will be auto provisioned with pre-installed script you have choose. You do not need to manually install, and the Operating System will pre-install for you. This is even more easier then installation script in Shared hosting and Cpanel.

Steps to select Pre-install Script .

1) Select VPS Package (Cloud Basic Package, price from $6 per month per VPS)

2) Fill up your information, and select Operating System that pre-install Jomla or WordPress

3)Proceed on order and make payment via Paypal.

Wait for few minutes, once payment get through, your selected Operating System will auto provisioned and Joomla or WordPress will be auto-provisioned.

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