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11.11 50% Discount

Dear Sir, For those just prefer one time discount, at 11.11.2015, we offering 50% discount (One Month) for all products  ordered. Renewal will be back to normal.

11.11 Promotion — 22% Discount

Dear All, Welcome to the months of November, we are not offering 11%+11% discount to all products , inclusive of Cloudlet C, Cloudlet X and Dedicated Servers to all users .  This 22% Discount is maintain forever as long as you continuing using the...


Half Dedicated Server Promotion is almost end this June. $1 for Half Dedicated Server * Terms and Condition apply * Promo only valid for 3 months subscription order only. Second and third month will be normal price.

Add-on Promo

For those not able to get our FREEDAY-0610, here is some freebies promo for you – Promo code :  Discount-611-USD1   ,  Discount $1 , for Cloudlet C1, C2, C4, Valid 11 June 2015 Promo code :  Discount-611-USD3   ,  Discount $ , for Cloudlet C3 Valid 11 June 2015...