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Anti-DDoS Dedicated Server @ Hong Kong

Hong Kong DDoS Mitigation, Protected by Premium CN2 Anti-DDoS up to 100G at Hong Kong.
No Re-Routing required for DDoS Protection

Premium China DDoS Protection

With our Hong Kong DDoS Protection. We clean the traffic using premium CN2. This means during the DDoS time, your traffic will still maintain premium access using CN2. The is no need to re-route it to other place to clean, We directly clean it using CN2.

1600G Global DDOS Protection

With our Distributed DDoS Protection Design, we clean the traffic at the source of the DDoS before the traffic reach customer server. The total capacity for Global Distributed DDoS Protection is up to 1600G in total.

Customized & Manual ISO Installation

Yes, if our O/S Image cannot meet your need, We have pre-loaded ISO, and you can do manual installation at your own conveniences. You can request us to upload ISO if you found that installation ISO is not in the list that we provide.

Support latest Windows 2019, Ubuntu 18, and Other OS

We support latest Version of All type of Operating system. If the Default selection is not your preference, please let us know and we will download your ISO and install for you. We support VMware, Proxmox too. 

Integrated Remote IPMI

Our clientarea are integrated dedicated server IPMI, which mean you can reboot your dedicated server yourself with the Integrated IPMI setting.

Dedicated Sever with LAN Port and Private Dedicated VLAN configured 

Most of our newly configured dedicated server is now equipped with  LAN port. This means, if you have multiple dedicated server with us,  we can assist you to link up all your dedicated server using a dedicated LAN port, with Private VLAN. 

Please ask us if you need that.

China Optimized Route

Our dedicated server network is based on Premium China Route Network. It directed connected to Premium IP Transit of China Telecom, China Unicom and China Mobile. This is direct Peering and do not passing through third party, and this allow customer to enjoy Real Dedicated Premium China Access.

Anti-DDoS Bare Metal Dedicated Server Plan

Premium China  CN2 Anti-DDoS Dedicated Server at Hong Kong, with latest Intel Xeon E3 and E5 Processor. Even during DDOS attack, it will still maintain at CN2. There is no re-routing need  for DDOS clearance.

Plan HK-AntiDDOS-D3+

Dedicated Server (Dual Xeon E5)
  • 2x E5 Octa Processor
  • 32G DDR4 ECC RAM
  • Disk : 2x 1TB SATA
  • Premium CN2 DDOS Protection : 10G
  • Global DDOS Protection : 1600G
  • 10Mbps CN2/CUGVIP/CMI Bandwidth
  • Unmetered Data Transfer
  • 2x Dedicated IP Address
  • Dedicated LAN (connect multiple server )**
  • Dedicated IPMI
  • Dedicated IPKVM
  • Data Center Location – Hong Kong
  • ** subject for availability

Guaranteed Bandwidth

Our premium bandwidth make your server running at blazing fast. The world connect you as local access.

Dedicated IPMI

Dedicated IPMI for each dedicated server plan, for easy management of the server.

Enterprise Data Center

Our servers are hosted at minimum Tier3 data center, Enterprise Class, with multiple redundancy and security in mind.

Dedicated IP-KVM

As if, connecting monitor, mouse, keyboard to your server physically. This features allow you connect to your dedicated server while you are sitting at office / home.

Premium Peering with BGP4 Network

We have Major Peering with Main IXes in Asia Region. Peered with MYIX in Malaysia and HKIX in Hong Kong, you will be guaranteed access to this region with good performance.

Quality Hardware, Server CPU

We had special team to hand pick all our hardware, make sure is quality and reliable. We never sell desktop hardware as server. Desktop CPU for Server use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any refund policy ?

Yes, we do provide refund to customer, 3 days basis . If you not happen with the services, you can request for refund within 3 days. And we will provide full refund.  However, if there is any transaction fees incur by bank or payment gateway, and it can’t refund by them, we are not responsible for that. There is another case that you can’t get refund is if we detected you are violet our Terms of Use, for example host a spamertise website, sending out spam mail or mass mailing, or involving int any hacking activities. You will not get refund, and account will be immediately being terminated.

How long will I get the server after payment?

After you payment make and we accepted the order,  we will provision your server within 4 hours. However, if you have special request on your server setup, it might slightly delay depends on your request.

Is this a manage server?

Except specifically mentioned, by default all servers are non-manage server.  You have option to buy manage server plan when check out. Or optional purchase the manage server plan after order made.

Can I request for more IP Addressed?

Yes, you can allow to request for maximum of 5 IP addresses upon request. However additional IP addresses will subject to charges.

Can I get discount for multiple server ordering?

Yes, please contact our sales for more detail.

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