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Windows Virtualizations @ Hong Kong with Standard China Route VPS

Price from $6.9 / Month, 100Mbps Speed

Power by AMD EPYC Processor

Cloud VPS is power by the fastest Intel AMD EPYC processor Family , up to 128 Core Processor. This is to bring you faster experience to load your system. The maximize core performance for Cloud VPS,  it will be come most powerful machine in the market.

One-Click O/S Reinstallation

If you are impatient with manual installation, the Cloud VPS  system are equip with One Click O/S Reload Features, You can re-install it with pre-installed O/S Template.  This is the fastest way to get the Cloud VPS up and running without need to go through manual customization and installations.

Support latest CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, Windows and FreeBSD

Cloud VPS is tested with latest CentOS, Windows OS 2022 and most of the Linux Operating System includes Ubuntu 17. You can spin up your Cloud VPS with Latest CentOS, Windows OS 2022 or contact us for Free Installation.

Integrated Remote Reboot & KVM Console

You can reboot at your own with your own, and viewing the KVM Console at the Client Area without need to send us a request.

Large Storage (SAS) or Fast Storage (SSD)

Our large storage of Cloud VPS are powered by SAS 10K, 12GBS Disk, while fast storage are run in Enterprise SSD. You can have option to choose to fire up your Cloud VPS in that storage options.

Premium Global Route

Our CN based Cloud VPS are optimized with Premium PCCW and China Mobile for Direct Global Access. This give you the best option to connect with Customer User with most reasonable price.

Cloudlet W – A Windows Based VPS System

Our newly Launch Windows Plan, it based on Windows 2008, 2012 and even the latest Windows 2016

Cloudlet W – High Performance Windows VPS

High performance Windows VPS for those require higher performance in Windows

Windows Virtualization

Windows is a virtualization infrastructure that allow Cloudlet to run Windows. It makes the Cloudlet work similar like physical dedicated server. You can run ASP. .NET and others Windows Technologies over here.

Pure SSD Drive

The Cloudlets are provisioned in Pure SSDs Drives. Website hosted in SSD server will be more then 5 times more faster then conventional server.

Power by Dual 8Core E5 Processor

Cloudlet are provisioned in latest technology. Dual E5 processor, 8core 16 Thread each are choose to be host server for Windows Cloudlet.

Instant Provisioning

As soon as you make a successful payment via PayPal, your cloud hosting accounts will be activated immediately. No waiting time whatsoever.

Superb Asia Transit

We peer with Major IX and Transit provider in Asia to provide you best and fastest Asia Servers. Currently we peered in HKIX, Equinix IX and MYIX in asia. Also, we manage all our own network instead of leasing infrastructures from others.

Tier 3+ Data Center

Our servers are hosted at minimum Tier3 data center, Enterprise Class, with multiple redundancy and security in mind. Hong Kong and Singapore are chosen, and to be heart of Asia to host your server.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a cloud hosting or vps hosting ?

This is VPS Hosting, there is not high availability like Cloud Setup, customer require to do their own data backup. Or purchase our backup plan

What is your refund policy?

By default, we have no refund policy as long as the fault is not from our side.  However you can also discuss your issue with our Billing Department, and we ready to assist you.

Can I request spefic ISO or OS to be install ?

We do not support custom O/S installation. All installation can be get from our template repository .

Can I change from my package from contry to other?

Yes, you can.  You can do at the ClientArea. or  you can submit a ticket to do so, and our support team will do for you. However please remind that all your data will lost by using this request.

Can I use Proxy or VPN ?

Yes, you can. You can install VPN or proxy in your vps or cloud. However, this is limited to Personal Use only, not public sharable or share between multiple party.

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