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Latest news and updates from GigsGigsCloud

11.11 50% Discount

Dear Sir, For those just prefer one time discount, at 11.11.2015, we offering 50% discount (One Month) for all products  ordered. Renewal will be back to normal.

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11.11 Promotion — 22% Discount

Dear All, Welcome to the months of November, we are not offering 11%+11% discount to all products , inclusive of Cloudlet C, Cloudlet X and Dedicated Servers to all users .  This 22% Discount is maintain forever as long as you continuing using the packages.

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Half Dedicated Server Promotion is almost end this June. $1 for Half Dedicated Server * Terms and Condition apply * Promo only valid for 3 months subscription order only. Second and third month will be normal price.

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Add-on Promo

For those not able to get our FREEDAY-0610, here is some freebies promo for you - Promo code :  Discount-611-USD1   ,  Discount $1 , for Cloudlet C1, C2, C4, Valid 11 June 2015 Promo code :  Discount-611-USD3   ,  Discount $ , for Cloudlet C3 Valid 11 June 2015 It is...

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Free Cloudlet Basic C3 VPS

It is time to say thanks to all our supporters by giving free vps node. Using our most popular C3, it is now free for 15minutes, and remaining 1 hours 50% discount . Package - Cloudlet Basic C3 Original Price - $18 Free Period - 10th June 2015, 15.00 - 15.15 GMT+8 --...

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KVM Cloud Is Ready !

Hi All, Long waiting KVM cloud ?  Yes, we are ready now , you can order from our Order Page, and it will cost start from $16 /month.   And even more, we are all the cloud are store in full SSD Disk Storage. Come and feel the speed of KVM, on SSD. Currently operating...

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