Free 14 days LAX-SimpleCloud

A Premium Gateway to China

Simple Cloud Features

A Premium Gateway to China

VM Snapshot

Cloud Firewall / Security Group

Disk Snapshot

(Disk Clone Backup )

Up To 40 Gbps Global Access

Flexible Storage

(SSD storage for performance or second storage of SAS storage for big storage)

Up to 10 Gbps, CN2, GIA, and CU-Premium

Premium China DDoS Protection

Global Data Centers

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your refund policy?
For Cloud and VPS, we will not have any refund policy.
Can I request specific ISO or OS to be install ?
For VPS hosting, you can’t . You can only select those in the template list. If you need to use your own ISO, you can order Virtual Dedicated Server.
Can I change from my package from country to other?
Yes, you can. Please submit a ticket to do so, and our support team will do for you. However please remind that all your data will lost by using this request.
Can I use Proxy or VPN ?
Yes, you can. You can install VPN or proxy in your vps or cloud. However, this is limited to Personal Use only, not public sharable or share between multiple party.

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