The crazy promotions of the season !

Today Only ! November, 11


GigsGIgsCloud K+ VPS, is our signature and yet affordable China Optimized KVM VPS. Enjoy the speed of Pure SSD KVM, and the Power of E5, 8 Core Processor here.  Together with China Optimized Route via  PCCW and China Mobile.
For this 11.11 , we given out extra 100G bandwidth with cheaper price.


GigsGIgsCloud CLOUDLET W VPS, a Windows based VPS, With Pure SSD drive,  Windows VPS can be deployed real-time immediately upon your purchase.  You can enjoy the powerfull of DotNet Framework, and the User Friendliness GUI  of Microsoft Windows.
For this 11.11, we given out extra 1 core processor, with Cheaper price and premium china access.

Virtual Dedicated Server (HK VDS)

GigsGIgsCloud Virtual Dedicated, is a mini size of Dedicated Server ,  it is virtualized of a full bare metal dedicated server, with guaranteed  resources, and no overselling in VDS.  You can experience the similar performance of Dedicated Server but with lesser cost.  You can request to mount custom ISO for any Operating System you need.  Doesn’t need to be template that we make
For this 11.11, we given cheaper price for VDS.

Hong Kong Dedicated Server — It is now with CN2 line

It is glad to announce that our Hong Kong Dedicated Server is now with CN2 GIA two way link.  It is option for you to choose weather you need to have CN2 GIA upgrade or not.
For this 11.11, we given out cheaper server price, with together  Optional upgrade of CN2 GIA Transit.

2 Units Huawei Mate 10 64G Given Out ! – Free

Purchase above USD1000 for Free Phone or Purchase USD100 for Lucky Draw of Huawei Mate10.

** See terms & conditions below.

2 Units of Huawei Mate 10 64G will be Given Out ! -- FREE !!!

Purchase above USD1000 for Free Phone or Purchase USD100 for Lucky Draw of Huawei Mate10.


Enjoying Double 11 Big Promotion,  following is special packages that available at  11.11.2017 only

Terms and Conditions

Free Huawei Mate 10 - Terms & Conditions
Unit 1 :  Huawei Mate 10, 64G
For first person of  total purchase above $1000 usd ,  you can just create ticket to sales, and request for the Free Phone.
任何在双11购买的的总银額多余 1000美元着, 可以直接开工单给销售部,首位达标并开工单着方可 赢奖。
Unit 2 :  Huawei Mate 10, 64G
For anybody purchase above $100usd in 11.11, create a ticket to Sales, and request for token to win Huawei Mate 10, 64G.
We will choose 5customer from those qualify customer, the customer has highest volume will win.
任何双11 购买银額多余 100美元者,可以开工单参与 抽奖。 我们一共会抽出5个有资格者。5个当中,购买银額最高者胜出。

Terms and Conditions :

1.  Payment for the product is only counted by paying using AliPay.

2. One user can only Win one Prize.
一个客户(或一个支付宝付款账号)只可以赢 一个奖品。

3)Only customer that use real name to register can win the Phone. Prize will only deliver to customer registered address.
赢奖着, 必须已实名注册账号购买。 被发现假名着,奖品将不被发送。奖品 只会寄给 账号注册地址和姓名。不会转寄 其它地址。

4) This prize can only post to China / Hong Kong Address .  Oversea customer may have to come to china / hong kong to collect the phone if you win. Cost of self collect shall be bear by customer.
此奖品只寄给中国大陆或香港地址。 如中国以外的客户必须在中国,或香港自取。自取的费用自付。

5) The phone will post out to winner after 20th November . If customer out of Hong Kong and China self collect,  it will be after 1st December. Cost of self collect shall be bear by customer.
奖品将在11月 20日过后寄出。 香港或中国 以外的客户赢奖着, 可以在 12月1日后, 安排在香港或大陆自取。自取的费用自付。

6)This competition not limited to 11.11 Promo Product. It can be any product in the website . It can be yearly pay or monthly  pay too.
这次的购买, 不限于双11特价产品, 可购买GigsGigsCloud.com网上的任何产品。 也不限于月付, 可年付。 不过必须支付宝付款, 方可以成效。

7)Winner will be announced at our WebSite 5 days after 11.11 , means 16th Nov.  Any product that request refund after 11.11 will not be counted in for the competition.
得奖者将在 11.11 后 5天网上公布 (11月 16日)。任何购买后3天内要求退款的将不算在内。



Is there any refund policy ?
Yes, we do provide refund to customer, 3 days basis . If you not happen with the services, you can request for refund within 3 days. And we will provide full refund.  However, if there is any transaction fees incur by bank or payment gateway, and it can’t refund by them, we are not responsible for that. There is another case that you can’t get refund is if we detected you are violet our Terms of Use, for example host a spamertise website, sending out spam mail or mass mailing, or involving int any hacking activities. You will not get refund, and account will be immediately being terminated.
How long will I get the server after payment?
After you payment make and we accepted the order,  we will provision your server within 24 hours (for Dedicated Server). However, if you have special request on your server setup, it might slightly delay depends on your request.  For VPS and VDS , normally it will be instant provisioning, except some unforsee issue occurs.
Is this a manage server?
Except specifically mentioned, by default all servers are non-manage server.  You have option to buy manage server plan when check out. Or optional purchase the manage server plan after order made.
Can I upgrade to Yearly Payment after 11.11
No. you can’t .  After you order today, these plan will no more available. You can’t upgrade to yearly payment after this . Those can celled will not able to take back the same plan. Those continue renew will continue getting it .

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