Japan Cloud Services

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Price from $88/mo, 10Mbit/s Network Speed

CLOUDLET V USA Los Angeles VPS : CN2 GIA Direct, RAID 10 Pure SSD

From $8.8/mo, 1Gbps Speed with 1TB Data Transfer

Premium China Network : CLOUDLET V

Price from $22 / Month, 10Mbps CN2 Speed, KVM VPS

The Fastest Asia Dedicated Server - 1Gbps Speed !! at 139USD

Introducing Singapore Fastest Dedicated Server at speed of 1Gbps !

Asia 100Mbps OpenVZ VPS
from $2 / Month !!

Introducing the most affordable Asia OpenVZ Virtualizations VPS

Singapore 100Mbps KVM VPSfrom $5.8/month

With Standard China Route VPS, 100Mbps Speed

Asia 100Mbps Dedicated Server

Introducing Extremely Fast, 100Mbps Asia Peering Dedicated Server at Hong Kong.

Tier3+ Data Center

GigsGigs Cloudlets are hosted at Tie3+ Data Center, with 2N Power System, redundant backup power generator, and CCTV monitored. Currently present in Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia.

Blazing Fast Cloudlets

All VMs are power by SSD, SAS HardDisk and our cloud technologies. Connected multiple 10Gbps uplinks via multiple international BGP peer at Hong Kong and Malaysia node.

Customer Support

We have a dedicated team of support for sales and support to help you in anytime. You can also chat with us.

Defeat against DDoS attacks with XD Anti-DDOS

GigsGigsCloud XD Anti-DDOS VPS protections are very cost effective and is designed to be always on, as soon as detected DDOS Pattern, the defence will automatically kick-in.

USA CN2 Direct Peering

GigsGigsCloud offers directly connection peering to USA CN2, user can feel the fastest and low latency of access USA with the Cloudlets V LAX.

Premium China Network

GigsGigsCloud are building the Premium China Network, via directly connected China Telecom CN2, China Unicom Global CU VIP, and China Mobile International CMI.

Top Tier Bandwidth and IDC

GigsGigs Cloud is connected to most of International Peering and IXes at Hong Kong, Singapre and Malaysia.

Cloudlets and Servers are co-located at Tier 3+ Data Centers, which offer secure and stable power consumptions to the Cloudlets. Physical security is one keypoint to co-located the Cloud Servers at these Data Centers.

Virtual Private Cloud in ASIA

Our Virtual Private Server (VPS) allow the client to have root / administrator access to the server. With this the customer can have full control to the server exactly the same as operating a Dedicated Server.

Our Data Center

Our Data Center are strictly selected for Tier3 Data Centre, multiple redundancy for its reliabilities. This also be main exchange and peering point in Asia.

Currently we have data center that located in Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Singapore and Malaysia.

US SimpleCloud XD Anti-DDoS Plan

SimpleCloud XD that come with Intel Xeon E5 processor, 1G Memory RAM and RAID Pure SSD Storage Allocations.
This package is configure to Voxility Anti-DDoS Inbound, CN2 Outbound and suitable for Website Hosting.

Premium USA Network Series VPS : SimpleCloud V

Following is the packages configured with our Premium USA Network.

Premium USA Network Series VPS : SimpleCloud V

Following is the packages configured with our Premium USA Network.

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